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children again

A lifetime ago,
Mephistopheles offered me self knowledge.
I did not take it –
I was too consumed by battles
with the powers that were,
intent on making them realize
the folly of their false, misguided Godly beliefs.
I wasted my time with all that,
and all the years in between.

Now Mephistopheles is knocking on my door again.
I will not turn him down this time.
I am you, Mephistopheles,
you are me, and I and you
and me and we
are children of gods and wise men free.

© 2013 Marlon de Souza. All rights reserved.

Then I met Mephistopheles

Then I met Mephistopheles
He sat there by the fire
Smiling while my body burned
Watching the flames go higher.

Mephistopheles was my friend
My friend who was a liar
She said she’d love me till the end
But I incurred her ire.

He said he’d kiss me with his lips
So all would soon admire
The magic from his fingertips
Embrace me with their fire.

I loved you, Mephistopheles
Your stories and your lyre
You enchanted me with your hips
I’m burning with desire.

Mephistopheles was my friend
Some days she was my lover
He said he’d love me till the end
Then he went undercover.

© 2013 Marlon de Souza. All rights reserved.