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Living Meaningfully in Times of Crisis

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So, we’re in very tough and trying times right now. The world around us is changing constantly, it always has been changing constantly. But lately it’s been changing constantly at a very, very rapid pace. It’s hard to make sense of what’s happening, lockdowns, shutdowns, the sun is shining and people are dying. It’s really hard to comprehend all of this. On the surface, outside, birds are whistling, everything looks good, everything looks okay. But we keep getting these stories from the world, globally, that people are dying, that this COVID-19, this coronavirus is infecting everyone globally. And the only way we can keep ourselves safe is by staying away from other people and limiting contact. And trying to save the ill and the aged, and those at risk.

So, what are we to do in this time, when we’re asked to stay at home? The children, to quote something I read online, don’t have entertainment and exercise, what are we going to do? Well, there are books to read, there are stories to tell, stories that people can tell their children about their own growing up. And stories that we can ask our own parents about life in a different time. And we can use this time to connect with our loved ones, meaningfully. Panic goes only so far, and connection goes further. But both panic and connection create lifelong ways of being. And it’s a tremendous, tremendous opportunity we have right now to respond to the situation at hand with calm, with peace, with creative wisdom that we have, all of us, to write down stories, to tell our own stories, and to connect, maybe sit and draw, basic things that we are too good for in our everyday lives, that perhaps it might be a time now to go back to simple things that we forgot, maybe download a recipe and cook something simple. And use this time as an opportunity to connect with what is meaningful. We can certainly choose to panic and we know where that takes us. Or we can choose to connect and collaborate with each other, even when we’re at a distance from each other. And we can choose to live our lives more meaningfully.

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Everyone wants

There’s a pigeon outside my kitchen window this rainy July morning in the monsoon. It’s soaked completely, its feathers striated and streaked by the rainwater that’s still dripping off its body as it sits under the ledge, sitting out there waiting to dry. Sitting and looking out at the darkened sky, wondering perhaps when the rain will stop so it can get on with gathering food – it’s still early in the morning. From inside the comfort of my kitchen, all I see is the pigeon’s back, its pinkish-red claws clutching the top grill of the plant nursery outside the window. There’s no movement from the pigeon, no bobbing this way or that, no sounds, no coo-cooing. Its head is pulled into its body as though it’s defending itself from the elements as it sits there on the grill, waiting to dry. Maybe it’s cold, maybe it’s conserving energy. I really have no idea. So little we know from within the comfort of our homes. On the right, below an air-conditioner casing is another pigeon, relatively drier, curious about its temporary surroundings. Is it inspecting the casing for a potential habitat for when things settle, a place to raise baby pigeons? Are these two a couple? How did they come to be on this parapet together, outside my window? Accidental? Two souls seeking shelter? I have not a clue. So little we know from behind the all knowingness of our human eyes. 

Everyone wants shelter
Everyone wants love
Every one wants peace and happiness
From a lion to a rain soaked dove

Monsoon dove

Everyone wants love

Everyone wants nurturing
Everyone wants love
Every one wants to be cared for
From the worms to the birds above

Everyone wants healing
Everyone wants love
Even the people who say they don’t
No one wants to starve

Everyone has little time
Little time on earth
Every one wants acceptance
Before they turn to dirt

Everyone you see will go
Every one, it’s true
Every one needs acceptance, for
Every one is you.

©2019 Marlon de Souza. All rights reserved.