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between earth and sky

Life is often a game of
how, who, when and why
…this is the truth
and that is not a lie.
Why do we have to
always choose between
earth and sky?
Why can we not
fly when we fly
cry when we cry
love when we love
and die when we die?
There’s no reason why
we need to choose
between earth and sky
between earth and sky
between earth and sky

© 2021 Marlon de Souza
for me, for you

Everyone wants

There’s a pigeon outside my kitchen window this rainy July morning in the monsoon. It’s soaked completely, its feathers striated and streaked by the rainwater that’s still dripping off its body as it sits under the ledge, sitting out there waiting to dry. Sitting and looking out at the darkened sky, wondering perhaps when the rain will stop so it can get on with gathering food – it’s still early in the morning. From inside the comfort of my kitchen, all I see is the pigeon’s back, its pinkish-red claws clutching the top grill of the plant nursery outside the window. There’s no movement from the pigeon, no bobbing this way or that, no sounds, no coo-cooing. Its head is pulled into its body as though it’s defending itself from the elements as it sits there on the grill, waiting to dry. Maybe it’s cold, maybe it’s conserving energy. I really have no idea. So little we know from within the comfort of our homes. On the right, below an air-conditioner casing is another pigeon, relatively drier, curious about its temporary surroundings. Is it inspecting the casing for a potential habitat for when things settle, a place to raise baby pigeons? Are these two a couple? How did they come to be on this parapet together, outside my window? Accidental? Two souls seeking shelter? I have not a clue. So little we know from behind the all knowingness of our human eyes. 

Everyone wants shelter
Everyone wants love
Every one wants peace and happiness
From a lion to a rain soaked dove

Monsoon dove

Everyone wants love

Everyone wants nurturing
Everyone wants love
Every one wants to be cared for
From the worms to the birds above

Everyone wants healing
Everyone wants love
Even the people who say they don’t
No one wants to starve

Everyone has little time
Little time on earth
Every one wants acceptance
Before they turn to dirt

Everyone you see will go
Every one, it’s true
Every one needs acceptance, for
Every one is you.

©2019 Marlon de Souza. All rights reserved.

Hey, hey, hey

Monsoon rain
Gone summer pain
Time to show my face again
to the sky
to my eye
No reason for
Beards to hide by

If the moon comes to play
when the rain has gone away
I’ll be there
No facial hair
Just ol’ me
I’ll be there

When the rain
comes to play
I will meet it
more than halfway
For the water is the way
Calls my name
and yours
Hey, hey, hey

© 2019 Marlon de Souza. All rights reserved.



tactile bravery

mental hope

things unsavory

emotional grope

reaching out

to Reach within

letting go

and letting sin


© 2019 Marlon de Souza. All rights reserved.

Wild flower

You too, wild flower,
you who are resting on a fence in an unknown field
like a stray dog rests its head, tentatively at first,
on my leg,
then calmly,
knowing it will be loved
and not harmed –
you, too, are beautiful,
Even though I won’t know your name
or see you again,
it is enough that we have met today.
I have seen you, and you, me.

© 2019 Marlon de Souza. All rights reserved.



Flows like a river that never runs dry
Through all of the seasons
From ocean to sky
It’s ready on call
In thick and in thin
It’s there when we fall
If we look within
But few among us
Will go down that path
And most of us all
Will seek not the heart

© 2018. Marlon de Souza. Al rights reserved.

Smaller deaths and dodgeball

Even imminent mortal death
is sometimes not enough
to break the fatal lure
of pleasure covered
pain that promises
to fully block out
smaller deaths
so let it hit
you now
of the



Copyright 2018. Marlon de Souza. All rights reserved

Somewhere I have not lived

Somewhere I have not lived
right where a child’s heart lives
Some days life passes by
and I have not much to give
Some paths I have trod too long
where hardships never cease
Some days I cannot tell
the dark storm from the breeze.

Sometimes I look out at where
the crows and sparrows fly
and all I see is darkness there
as darkness is my eye
And some days I’m lost in thought
when life comes sailing in
for my heart is so distraught
at regrets unlost within.

Sometimes the path ahead seems long
even when it’s short
and those times are times of grief
that I have overbought.
And some days the winding road
seems to have no end
And then you look at me and smile
and keep me going, my friend.

© 2014 Marlon de Souza. All rights reserved.

May your star shine bright

May your star shine bright

may you join with the other stars in the galaxies
to celebrate the best in you.

Let your path be lit by brighter stars
and richer galaxies
welcoming you
to outshine them with your beauty
and your voice.

May you inspire other stars
to spread their beauty
and their light
across the darkest spots
of the universe

and may you be



© 2014 Marlon de Souza. All rights reserved.


I chased eternity for a long time,
running this way and that
and I suffered for it.

So I gave up,
tired and exhausted.

Then eternity found me.

© 2013 Marlon de Souza. All rights reserved.