There were many liars in the country, and the biggest liar was not the one with the long nose in the puppet shop, but the one who stood before the entire country and lied through his teeth about the good life he was guaranteeing everyone while visiting violence on anyone who dared to oppose him. But the people loved liars in those days because they preferred the simplicity of lies to the inconvenience of truth. And because they were too weak, because they had long since surrendered the courage to stand up to a man they knew was destroying everything that was good and sacred in their lives, they kept quiet. And they kept quiet, and they kept quiet, and they kept quiet. And long after the old man was done with them, they woke up and realized that now it was too late. They had lost their humanity and they were condemned to repeat the cycle. And they did. Again and again.

In the meanwhile, many parents told their children the story about Pinocchio, the naughty little puppet who told lies and was punished.

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