Hallelujah in Edinburgh

I had been walking around Edinburgh that summer, taking in the old city by foot. It was several days without clouds or rain. The locals seemed rather pleased at nearly a week of sunshine. Good weather we’re having. Lovely day, isn’t it? And so on. The Queen was in town as well. She hadn’t asked to meet me. There were crowds outside the palace at which she was staying. But even for them, she wouldn’t step out that morning. They’d have to wait a few more hours, another day perhaps. For my part, I decided I wouldn’t wait. There was much to see in this old city with its rather imposing old monuments and its cobblestoned streets. And that’s how I came across Rob Purdon, a busker singing Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.

Melodious it was indeed, soothing and inspirational all at once on a slightly windy summer’s day. The locals had seen him before, playing on his guitar, and so they were more taken with the dry spell of weather and with the Queen’s arrival. I’ve experienced dry spells of weather, plenty of them. And nothing personal against her, but Her Royal Highness’s arrival didn’t move me quite like this charming man singing Hallelujah. 

© 2020 Marlon de Souza. All rights reserved.

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