Good morning, Juhu


Tree-lined streets, people in wind-blown auto-rickshaws, people in air-conditioned run of the mill and high-end cars, pedestrian traffic, banks and ATMs every few minutes, restaurants catering to the appetites of the middle-class, a well-worn road and a laborer pushing his well-worn handcart to his next job.

© 2019 Marlon de Souza. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Good morning, Juhu

  1. Terrance Tiller

    Tashi Deleck Marion La,I like the photo of the trees and water. Where is it? Tashi and I are now living in Panache valley Dehradun. It’s warm and quiet, very little traffic and all the Tibetan food you could ever want. We are 30 mins. away by bus from the clock tower in Dehardun. If you are ever in Dehardun get a hold of us and we can rehash Dharamkot. Michael and Tashi



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