Caw-caw, says the crow

The crow kept cawing from over there, under the green awning, just off the empty lawn. Its sound was now becoming annoying so I went over to see this thing that had disturbed my peace. It was perched just under the awning, going awk-awk.

Hmmm, awk-awk? How interesting – I’ve never heard a crow go caw-caw, I thought, the way we were taught in kindergarten.

But as I listened closely, its call did sound like caw-caw with a guttural awk-awk in there. I looked down on the lawn to see whether it was calling to another crow. There were no crows nearby and none in the distance. A few sparrows, a pigeon. But no crows. Maybe it was calling to attract a companion. Its body matched the intensity and fervor of its call. Crouched, chest pulled in, head sticking out and cawk-cawk, cawk-cawk

I listened to it for a few minutes and then moved a couple of subtle steps in its direction to get a better look at this now captivating scavenger. A shiny black beak, long too, and black wings ending their color at the precise point where they merged with its light battleship gray body. A good-looking bird, quick of eye, as it noticed my not so subtle move closer and prepared to launch. In response, I backed off lest it fly away. I resumed my seat a few feet behind the awning, no longer disturbed but enjoying the continued call of my brother or sister, the crow. cawk-cawk.

© 2014 Marlon de Souza. All rights reserved.

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