Somewhere I have not lived

Somewhere I have not lived
right where a child’s heart lives
Some days life passes by
and I have not much to give
Some paths I have trod too long
where hardships never cease
Some days I cannot tell
the dark storm from the breeze.

Sometimes I look out at where
the crows and sparrows fly
and all I see is darkness there
as darkness is my eye
And some days I’m lost in thought
when life comes sailing in
for my heart is so distraught
at regrets unlost within.

Sometimes the path ahead seems long
even when it’s short
and those times are times of grief
that I have overbought.
And some days the winding road
seems to have no end
And then you look at me and smile
and keep me going, my friend.

© 2014 Marlon de Souza. All rights reserved.

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