It was just last week
that my father struck me across the face
at the dinner table
for daring to question
the superiority of his god.
There is only one god and it is ours,
he said.
I told him his god was not mine,
that mine, if I ever had one,
would be unnamed, undefined, unsigned.
He struck me again
and threw me out of his house.

This week
I was told that my father died.
He was given the last rites of his faith;
I wonder which god he met,
his or mine.

© 2013 Marlon de Souza. All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “unsigned

    1. Just another average person Post author

      Thanks,, but my father’s still very much alive, Susan. I was using it as a metaphor for religious and patriarchal closed-mindedness and wilful ignorance, inspired in part by your Facebook share on the replacing/repressing of ancient gods and pagan traditions with monotheistic religions. The content of that Facebook post and many of the comments below it should be required teaching for all children from as early as they can understand spoken language.


      1. Susan Scott

        Well, thank you for edifying me Marlon. I left out ‘you’ in the 1st sentence of earlier comment.
        It is a strong metaphor, skillfully employed by you. I guess the patriarchy has to die; if not die, then at least to be in balance with its opposite and not be fixed as it (still) is.. both have value … it is the negative pole of each – ie the masculine and feminine – that is destructive.
        Thank you again for this powerful piece of prose/poetry.


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