The stupids

The stupids are ruling the world
Their flag is flying unfurled
Their brains are mush
They talk in a rush
Yes, the stupids are ruling the world.

They say there’s no global warming
While our lives and our lands they’re deforming
They’re destroying our food
Our land is no good
Along with forests and bees that they’re harming.

They tell you that you’re overreaching
When you reject them they jail you for preaching
Harm to the state
They’ll decide your fate
Is an opportunity for example teaching.

The stupids talk of collateral damage
When families and lives they hemorrhage
In wars that are paid for
by you and by me
With our money other nations they damage.

The stupids own our administrations
While political parties peform castrations
On the water and the trees
And the fish and the bees
Yet they talk of average man frustrations.

The media has lost its heart
They’re locked in self-serving art
With news cycles and talking points
Fake credibility and self anoints
The media may as well depart.

So now it’s just you and me, my friends
Let’s leave the stupids and the trends
Let’s recover our world
Let our flag be unfurled
To you my hand now extends.

© 2013 Marlon de Souza. All rights reserved.

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