Daily Archives: March 25, 2013

Millard Keynes

Millard Keynes was a fine fellow
whose parents thought he should go
to the town to find a lass,
if their standards she could pass.

Though Millard was a smart young chap,
the ladies did not like the crap
that he brought to town that day;
condescension got no play.

Millard Keynes went home alone
like a dog without a bone.
packed his bags and soon he left;
oppressive spirits were bereft.

Out into the world he went,
free of judgement and torment,
finding that he could be
open to humanity.

Millard Keynes is happy now,
deeply fulfilled, not high brow,
in a life of his dreams,
fully bursting from the seams.

© 2013 Marlon de Souza. All rights reserved.