Don’t ration your love

Don’t ration your love.
Don’t make them wait in line for their portions
as you hand it out and then say “next”.
Don’t give them bites of the carrot,
give them the full carrot.
Give them you, all of you.
You may not be alive tomorrow,
or the next hour,
or even the next minute.

Give for you, give to you.
Don’t wait for someone to come along and fill your bowl –
you might die waiting.
You have within everything you need
even when you don’t see it,
even when you don’t feel it.

Live now, it’s all you have.
Tomorrow will never come.
Tomorrow you might be dead
or alone
or left behind
because you didn’t live today.
Let this moment shake you with fear and excitement,
and risk and joy,
and the unknown.

In your heart
let it be
let it flow
let it be.

© 2012 Marlon de Souza. All rights reserved.

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