Cocoons within cocoons
never stirring,
for fear of meeting reality.

Let’s go on a ride
where the music is fine
and the wind in our face
puts a chill in our spine.
We’ll stumble along
till we learn to walk,
then we’ll fly away
from our safe little rock.
We reach new heights
along the way,
this bold new ride
is here to stay.
We see below
cocoons on the shore
washed up memories
of a time before
that kept us hidden
within the womb,
a safe cocoon
that became a tomb.
So on we fly
to we know not where,
the path ahead
is a fun-filled scare.

Cocoons, cocoons
never stirring, never stirring
never, never, never stirring…
cocoons within cocoons
never stirring.

© 2012 Marlon de Souza. All rights reserved.

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