A death notice

Over the weekend in the the United States, a mean-spirited, bigoted man died. He hid his bigotry and medieval contempt and arrogance towards many sections of society behind the veneer of “protecting the Constitution”. And frequently, he did not even try to hide it. After all, he was selected for life. No one could get rid of him. Even as he railed constantly against his fellow “lifetime” appointees when they disagreed with him. He pretended to be principled but applied his principles selectively. An uncharitable man who grew increasingly belligerent in his racism, in his obsession with forcing his narrow religious views onto all of society, and in his insults towards gay men and women, cleverly phrased to belittle his targets’ humanity. And he seemed to derive much glee from his bigotry. A coarse man who did not conceal his contempt for the rights of women and other groups that have been historically discriminated against. But some days the world gets a break because even hateful, little people don’t live forever. And the world has a chance to become a better place.

@ 2016 Marlon de Souza.

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