​So she deleted emails and had her own server. Big deal. So many current and former politicians have done the same. It’s not like she spent a trillion dollars invading Iraq, or Vietnam, for that matter.

And sure, she’ll likely sell out most/many progressive interests to the highest bidder and say it’s good for the country.  So have almost all politicians from both major parties and anywhere else in the world. And so they will.

So is she massively flawed? No doubt about it. You simply can’t defend her faults. And I won’t. 

Will she, at a minimum, do some good? Quite likely. Can she do good even if she has faults? Can you? Can I? We know the answer to that is the affirmative. 

Would I like Bernie or Elizabeth Warren? Absolutely.  100%. In a heartbeat. 

But they’re not on the ticket.  So I’m stuck with her.  

Because on the other side is an incompetent megalomaniac who has an incurable case of verbal diarrhea. Reminds me of the bullies in grade school who tormented everyone because they didn’t feel they were enough.  I left grade school behind a lifetime ago. Let’s leave him behind.

I’m with her. 

(c) 2016 Marlon de Souza. 

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