And I move on

I stood there wondering what to do. Trapped I was. Nothing was moving. Stuck. How did I get here? I’d just run into yet another wonderful person who stayed wonderful until he began spouting Law of Attraction wisdom. Do this and you are guaranteed to have success in whatever you want. Success? What does that even mean? Whose success? Yours or mine?
He gave me information on a workshop he was conducting, Intentioning Your Path – The Way Forward. I wanted to say “Intentioning My Way Forward? That sounds like a load of intellectual rubbish! Hocus-pocus. A money trap for the gullible. I don’t buy from religious salesmen and I don’t want to buy from you.” But I kept quiet. I nodded and went on my way. Gone are the days when I have to tell people what they really sound like – it’s much more peaceful this way; the infrequent times I get up on a pedestal usually end being moments of great agitation for me and the target of my wisdom. Unstable pedestals. Very. So mostly, I keep quiet. And I move on.

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