An untimely death

I just read this about someone…”he continued in his profession until his untimely death earlier this year.” I’ve also read and heard…”she was taken away too young”.

Untimely death? Taken away too young? What do these even mean? Do they mean that it’s okay if someone dies when they are old? Because with age, there’s an acceptable progression of what you’ve alreadyexperienced before you die? But if you die when you’re younger, you haven’t experienced x, y and z and therefore you died too young? Hmm. Of course I probably sound harsh or cold-hearted, but I sometimes wonder when a parent says about a child they’re burying…”parents are not supposed to bury their children, it should be the other way around”.

Just so you know, I’m not mocking anyone’s grief. Perhaps where I’m going with this is…how about just living the best you can because you don’t know when you might go. Gone. Just. Like. That. You just never know.

Males in my family have typically lived into their late 80s, and sometimes beyond. Until a few years ago, I thought I had a lot of time left to live. My life. The way I ideally wanted it to be. Didn’t realize I could go anytime. Then my dog died a few years ago. Pretty much overnight. In three days he was gone. Just like that. Bam! Dead. Then I realized I didn’t have forever to live. And even if I did live to my 80s, I wouldn’t have youth forever. Oh yes, yes, tell me youth is replaced with experience and wisdom. And I’ll tell you that that’s rubbish. Give me wisdom in a nimble body any day over wisdom with fading eyesight and gradually creaking bones. Yes, rubbish.

So, nothing grand to say here. Just live. And don’t give anyone reason to say you died an untimely death.

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